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Softomate is a client-oriented company. Softomate places emphasis on client objectives and preferences and on client specific business activity.

In this sense, Softomate goes further then most typical offerings of software development. Our success depends on fully realizing our clients' specific needs and desires.  We strive to promote client interests in our work and guarantee strict terms of development and agreed costs and deliverables.

We always focus on building long-term relationships with our clients and high customer retention. Our team is truly committed to quality solution development for our clients. Furthermore, Softomate provides life-long technical support and enhancement of product developed. We are committed to allow our clients not only the solution developed but also the opportunity of prospective product improvement pre-emptive of possible future needs.

Our list of clients constantly growing to include a wide range of organizations.

In 2003-2007 we've completed more then 400 projects, including projects for the following companies:

softomate_clients_webde softomate_clients_vivisimo softomate_clients_Tmobile

softomate_clients_AOL softomate_clients_ibm


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