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Site info display IE plug-in

The Client:
i4Market LLC,

Their Problem:
Our Client needed IE plug-in that would let view information about the website opened in Internet Explorer browser, right from IE user interface. The information about site had to be delivered from website.

Our Solution: 
IE plug-in was developed as IE toolbar button that showed Alexa Page Rank of displayed site, and drop-down button. The Page Rank button clicking directed to page with full information about the requested website. The drop-down button clicking displayed a bubble with base information about the website and “More site info” button that led to web page with full site information. The bubble was developed using xslt (presented xml format in html style). And view of the bubble and base information displayed could be configured by customer.
The plug-in supported the same protocols as the site did: http, https and ftp.
The plug-in optionally could be installed without drop-down button that displayed bubble.

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