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WebXTN Study

The Client:
WebXTN is company which accept credit cards through the toolbar right in web browser. The WebXtn all-in-one payment gateway gives merchants the unparalleled ability to securely accept payments in real time.

Their Problem:
The main issue of WebXtn is to show dynamic content in toolbar. Each toolbar should be uniquely identify. All functionality of WebXtn placed on server-side, so toolbars only should easily show content from server.

Our Solution: 
Softomate developed Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari toolbar for company that allows to set up merchant account and start accepting credit cards. When you download the WebXtn Toolbar, you will have your very own virtual credit card machine, right in your web browser such as Internet Explorer , Firefox, or Safari. This toolbar creates an incredibly easy set up process, as well as simplifying the actual credit card process.

Once you have successfully installed the WebXtn Toolbar, you will be directed to apply for a merchant account, if you have not already done so. The WebXtn Toolbar will keep you informed of your status throughout the application process.

Once approved by a partner bank, you´re just a few clicks away from finalizing the process. Upon finalization, you can now accept credit cards, debit cards, or electronic checks through the WebXtn Toolbar, or through the WebXtn virtual terminal web page.

The WebXtn Toolbar gives you a running total of the days sales, with optional information to be displayed such as declines, chargebacks, returns etc.

The WebXtn Toolbar also contains convenient icons that offer you immediate access to the WebXtn virtual terminal web page, financial reports, adminstrative options, and more.

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