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New Releaseof Deskbar Builder 2.0


Lynden, USA, 25 March, 2007 -  Softomate LLC announced the launch of  Deskbar Builder 2.0 – a full software package to create custom Deskbars. These are Desktop applications to be installed on Windows Taskbar right near the system clock that enable users to have quick access to Internet resources, search the web, display the news on the desktop and even send SMS. Depending on personal needs, Deskbars may contain just one drop-down menu button with links to websites or be enhanced to the strip of buttons and other different elements like Search box, Banner, Bubble etc. Additional enhancements of the newer version include ability to add Multiple RSS Feeds , design browser-like Flash windows and support Windows Vista.

In previous versions of Deskbar Builder users could create news, advertisement banners, notifications, animations and mini webpages displayed on Deskbar. This opened the door to unlimited deskbar content. Now it is also possible to integrate RSS reader into Deskbar. Users can easily subscribe to RSS feeds just by dragging RSS icon from a web-page and dropping it right to Deskbar. They may also add/delete feeds and receive notifications about updates to the feeds subscribed.

With Deskbar Builder 2.0 users will be able to design customized browser-like Flash windows which open URLs. Additional attributes allow to define custom window parameters, such as width, height and border., Thus, you can, for example, put branded multimedia Flash-driven content on the users’ desktop. This new feature allows to create compact Desktop applications of much higher level from both visual and graphic points of view.

Deskbars allows to distribute static HTML pages, Music, Flash  and executable (.EXE) programs.  And external program interface provides direct access to Deskbar properties (to read/write) via JavaScript. You can also pass this information to the server forming a special response when user clicks a deskbar button or menu item.

An ability to change Deskbar’s appearance directly from the server brings additional flexibility for this software, since it is possible to manage the Deskbar content using server-side scripts (such as PHP/ Perl/CGI/ASP) and specify which buttons the Deskbar will have and what menu contents to show, based on the current URL opened in the browser, for example.

For users’ convenience, Deskbars may also perform an automatic check for Upgrades. If a newer version is available from the website, the Deskbar will download and install this version.

Deskbars combine valuable features for both Internet and Desktop, and you are free to create advanced desktop application with enhanced web features. Thus, you needn’t to open a browser to read news, perform a search or check your e-mail. All this can be done from Deskbar.

Deskbar Builder 2.0 is available for trial download at

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