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Reliable, Secure Desktop Alert Software Beats Email, RSS


Softomate Company has released DeskAlerts, a powerful new approach to providing employees with critical information. DeskAlerts cuts through email and RSS clutter, and delivers your messages directly onto your employees' Windows desktops, in a popup window that they can't ignore.

It's easy to send messages to all workstations connected to the network, or to define groups of employees who will receive targeted alerts. DeskAlerts lets you completely customize the appearance of your alerts. You can add company logos and artwork, and internationalize the software for offices worldwide.

The program comes with an extensive library of add-ons, allowing you to add powerful business functionality to your alert-based system. The Extended Statistics add-on, for example, provides detailed statistics about who has received and read your message. By tracking users, alerts, and surveys, you can tell who received the information, and who closed the message window without reading it. The company also offers API DeskAlerts, which allows DeskAlerts to work seamlessly with your CRM, ERP, and other business applications.

If you need to inform workers of an emergency, you can use the built-in SMS technology to send alerts to their laptops, PDAs, and other mobile devices. If email servers fail, DeskAlerts will continue to send messages directly to employees' desktops. DeskAlerts' interactivity lets you take surveys, poll employees, and get instant feedback.

In addition to using DeskAlerts for internal communications, web site managers can use the software to communicate reliably with customers across the globe. DeskAlerts makes it easy to place breaking news, emergency information, and other mission-critical data directly on customers' desktops. DeskAlerts avoids the problems of unopened emails and ignored RSS feeds by creating messages that have to be looked at.

The latest version of DeskAlerts includes enhanced desktop client architecture, complete Vista support, extended statistics, Smart Activity Tracking, and installation wizards. In addition, this version has been optimized to use less network resources.

Whether you're a sales manager who needs to ensure that all of your customer representatives have the latest information at their fingertips, a human resource manager who wants to motivate employees by sending them company-related information, or an entrepreneur who wants to share information with key workers and customers, DeskAlerts has the tools that you need.

The DeskAlerts server runs under Windows XP/2000/2003/Vista and requires SQL Server 2000 or newer. The DeskAlerts client runs under Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003/Vista. You can download a demo from Contact the company for pricing information.

For more information about DeskAlerts, contact Softomate Company, 104 6th Street, Unit B, Lynden, Washington 98264 USA.
Phone(US) (516) 203-4816
Phone (Europe) +44 20 7193 8744.

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