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"The DeskAlerts software allowed us to notify when it [our email server] was down and when it was back up and running. This allowed our IT staff to be more productive in resolving the issue rather than being on phones answering the problem."

Dan Harless
City Of Lenexa, KS

DeskAlerts is a one-way instant desktop alert notification system that combines ease of use with comprehensive security, tracking, and customization options for fail-safe communications.

DeskAlerts allows you to send instant alerts to specified recipients in the form of a pop-up window which requires a user response and therefore cannot be skipped or ignored. The DeskAlerts software automatically tracks and stores alert activity and provides instant reporting on user receipt and response.

DeskAlerts delivers operationally efficiency:

  • Instant distribution of business-critical information to thousands of users via customizable group lists
  • Proactive communication of technical issues resulting in dramatic reduction of phone calls to the help desk during crises
  • 100% guaranteed, secure delivery of messages that can’t be ignored
  • The ability to send text, images, or video
  • Forced message read and response – no skipping or reading it “later”
  • Ensured delivery of product and marketing updates
  • Superior emergency alert capabilities
  • Appointment reminders
  • Granular response tracking including receipt confirmation

DeskAlerts Combines High Performance with Ease-of-use

DeskAlerts provides more flexibility, security, usability and cost-efficiency than the competition

No matter what the message, you can be sure they read it with DeskAlerts

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