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Custom IE Plug-in Development Services

Let us help you with your IE Plug-in development!
Just provide us with your requirements, and let us do the rest.

Instead of building add-on from scratch like others we use our Development Platform that we use for solutions for Fortune 500 companies.

Our Platform is based on framework components allowing to create:

  • Add-ons, plug-ins
  • Browser Helper Objects
  • Sidebars, status bars

Building on platform allows to:

  • Install, uninstall & update
  • Modify default search, home page, error pages.
  • Inject new layers of content into existing webpage
  • Communicate with websites/web services using API
  • Highlight, alter and modify any content
  • Show ads
  • Implement widgets

Platform core

The platform is not only the code we polished for years but also a knowledge base. We constantly support and update the knowledge base and platform code. All of our products are based on the platform.

Your new plug-in will run on an expanding platform with new features and interfaces added regularly. You will have access to new platform capabilities as they become available.

Read about platform architecture ...

The platform brings following benefits:

The same base code is used in thousands projects, it is tested with millions installations.

Shorten development time
By using the feature-rich Platform we shorten the development time. Itís obvious that building on platform is much easier than building from scratch.

Lower cost
Less time developers spend making your plug-in means that you pay less.

Extended compatibility
The platform supports all current and previous versions of browsers. Moreover it will support new versions that will be released. All you need to do is to make your plug-in support new browser is just to update the platform.

If you need best solution Ė ask the leader to make it for you.

  1. More than 10 years we are making plug-ins for browsers and e-mail clients
  2. We know the history of browsers and how they evaluate. Our solutions have backward compatibility.
  3. We use only native technologies. Thatís why our solutions looks like part of the interface and tightly integrate with browsers.
  4. One platform Ė many implementations. With the help of the platform one solution can work the same manner in different browsers.
  5. We have agreements with browsers and e-mail clients producers. Thatís adding advanced compatibility. Our platform support new version PRIOR to official beta releases.

Talk to IE development expert to get your personalized presentation and tips on how our solution can help your business today!
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"WebRing chose to develop a toolbar with Besttoolbars because of the ease of development and extensive collection of plugin tools available. Development team at Besttoolbars was prompt and efficient in assisting us. We're happy to recommend them to anyone wishing to develop a toolbar for their website."
Tim Killeen

Featured Customer: Spiral Funds

Softomate developed an Internet Explorer plugin for Spiral Funds. This solution highlights links from Spiral Funds server, and sends tracking information back to the server when the user clicks them.
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Featured Customer: Tynt

Softomate built an Internet Explorer plugin for Tynt that allows the placement of a graphic object from the redactor directly on the web page. Just click on the Tynt button, and the Tynt graphic editor appears. Create your graphic and comment, and leave them right on the webpage.

The webpage can then be shared exactly as shown, including graphics, notes, and drawing.

Talk to IE development expert to get your personalized presentation and tips on how our solution can help your business today!
Speak with Internet Explorer plugins Expert

Or Call: +1-703-881-3167


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