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IE Platform architecture

Internet Explorer plugins are used to extends Internet Explorer functionality, change behavior or integrate with any API or software. Our Platform makes it possible to create extensions of high quality in short development time.

Our IE platform is based on our code base that has been developing for the last 7 years.

It is a rich-featured platform allowing for building:

  • Add-ons, plug-ins
  • Browser Helper Objects
  • Sidebars, status bars

Building on platform allows to:

  • Install, uninstall & update
  • Modify default search, home page, error pages.
  • Inject new layers of content into existing webpage
  • Communicate with websites/web services using API
  • Highlight, alter and modify any content
  • Show ads
  • Implement widgets

IE Plug-in Architecture

Plug-in contains Parser object that reads XML configuration file. This file includes information about appearance and behavior. Most aspects of plug-in work are controlled by XML-configuration file and Javascript-like defenitions for behaviours.

The same Platform can be used to develop extensions for Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.

Functional blocks

This block allows to install add-on into the Internet Explorer browser. The installation is done via .EXE .CAB or .MSI file. The installation allows end users to agree with a license terms and choose installation path.

IE Plugin provides various ways for toolbar update. Manual update initiated by user, automatic update with user prompt on completely silent update.

Configuration is stored in XML file. This file can be located localy or it can be stored on server. This configuration file can be dynamicaly changed.
Example: Configuration, behavior and appearance can be dynamically changed by a server via generated XML file.

Browser Events
IE Plugin can respond on browser events such as mouse clicking, keyboard or web navigation events.

User Interface
IE Plugin can appear in Internet Explorer as Sidebar, Toolbar, Button or Status Bar. Also it is possible to modify web pages visited & insert new content or highlight anything.

Our Platform has internal COM API allowing to integrate with your software or DLL. Also it allows to send web-based requests over HTTP to Internet with scripts on the server.

JavaScript API
Web page can dynamically interact with Add-on by calling JavaScript API.
Example: Web page can change toolbar appearance or behavior by calling JavaScript API.

Add-on can change default browser behavior with redirecting, customizing search or executing scripts.

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