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Custom Outlook Express Development Services

Microsoft Outlook Express is an e-mail and news client. It is bundled with Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser starting with 4.0. Outlook Express allows sending and getting e-mails and receiving the newsgroups of userís interest.

Moreover, Outlook Express extension allows adding more functions to this email client. Outlook Express can be improved with new productive features via third-party Outlook Express plug-in or add-on.

Outlook Express plug-ins operational functionality by adding new productive features to better organize emailing and information management process.

How you can extend Outlook Express

Outlook Express extension is realized through plug-ins that blend seamlessly with user interface and enrich Outlook Express functionality.

Outlook Express users can make their e-mailing process more effective and convenient, and most suitable for individual needs.
Custom Outlook Express plug-in installation adds unique productive features to Outlook Express program and allows using custom functions and work the way user needs.

Outlook Express plug-ins let manage OE contacts, import or export address book data; organize and manage messages sending and receiving process by adding e-mail spam blocker, bulk responder or other necessary features. Outlook Epress extension lets integrate Outlook Express with another mail client to combine their contacts and functions in one application to use both from one user interface.

Websites or online communities can provide their customers with customized Outlook Express toolbar that will allow getting information from the website or using website services direct from custom OE toolbar. Outlook Express extension allows adding custom logo, custom toolbar buttons and menus that give quick access to necessary information (news, subscriptions and etc.) and add individual functions concerning messages, contacts data, address book and other OE features. Custom toolbar gives direct access to website resources and services performing a complex task in one click.

Outlook Express Extensions expertise

Our development experience captures wide range of applications thus we are competent to design as simple Outlook Express plug-in as complex Outlook Express related projects based on different application integration.

With deep expertise of Outlook Express extension we are able to:

  • create custom OE toolbar with custom logo, custom buttons and dropdown menus;
  • add custom functions into context menus;
  • add custom features for Address book and Contacts;
  • develop Outlook Express plug-in that let group messages and manage and control messages sending and receiving process;
  • develop spam filter;
  • combine Outlook Express client with other software, adding other application functions into OE user interface;
  • develop other individual Outlook Express plug-in or compound software solution.
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