The SOFTOMATE alliance is expertized in development of software for e-commerce business companies from early 1998.

The Holding includes such market leading companies as BestToolBars, AppsGeyser, DeskAlerts. We're proud not only of our expertise and experience but more of that - by the fact that our solutions are made with great usability and proven fail safety.
About us
From the very beginning we've set the high level of development quality. Those standards are being constantly kept for decades. Deep education, experience exchange, personal growth and involvement are are being a vector of a growth for each person in our team and a proof that the end-result will be provided in accordance with all even most difficult requests.
Our servises
Our goal is to understand your challenge and provide a solution that satisfies your expectations.
Loyalty platform
Complete, ready to serve online loyalty program , able to integrate a mobile app, browser plugin, distribution tool, etc
Extensions development
18 years of expertise by working with market leaders
Mobile Apps & PWA
Development of unique apps and Progressive Web Apps
Dedicated developers
Dedicated developers or full team for your exact project
Project architecture development in accordance with any requested difficulty
Custom development
Turnkey development of projects of any complexity
More about us
57 Operating countries
Proven Expertise
22 Years of experience
User choice
28M End-users of our products
Our contacts
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815 North Royal St., Ste 202, Alexandria VA 22314
Kommunisticheskaya St., Building 2, Novosibirsk
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